Who is the Intelligent Allocator?

First off, I have a background “in the industry.” I have worked for several years in finance – on trading desks (both buy & sell side) executing trades for hedge funds, pension funds, ultra-high net worth investors, and mutual funds. I have also worked in the retail distribution side of the business as a salesman of mutual funds, non-traded REITs, and Reg-Ds/private placements to financial advisors. This gives me a unique perspective of the industry and insight into its players, their motivations, and their actions. This experience has shaped my viewpoints on the industry immensely. Firstly, I have a deep distrust of the industry and for the conventional methods of investment. I do not believe in the efficient market hypothesis and I think it is possible to do better than buy & hold. Second, I recognize that the conflicts of interest in this business are ridiculous - while there are certainly many very noble and good actors in the financial services industry, I am still amazed daily by the blatant conflicts of interest and incompetence on display.

Beyond industry experience, I have a passion for finance, investing, and trading that runs deep. As such, I have spent thousands of hours outside of work devoted to studying the world’s best traders and investors in search of finding a better way to invest than the standard asset allocation models, through methods superior to the homogenous (and risky!) advice peddled by the brokerage and low value financial advisor community and now the robo-advisor community. The more I learn, the more the desire to share and contribute grows within me. My blog & articles and the trading systems outlined here are the manifestation of this desire to share and contribute to the investing success and financial well being of others.

A lot of what I write and demonstrate here will be deemed as controversial and will be at odds with conventional wisdom and mainstream advice. A lot of what I write about the industry will be harsh, but it will also be honest. As such, I don’t expect that my opinions on the industry or the methods I discuss to resonate and appeal to most people. That is OK. That said, everything I present here will be rooted in evidence and rigorous research, and I believe firmly that using the methods I discuss will give an investor the best possible chance at outperforming traditional asset allocations or passive stock investing models. I believe firmly in “eating one’s own cooking” and as such, I am fully personally invested in my methodologies myself.

When I say best possible chance, I use the word chance quite literally. The future is uncertain and anyone who tells you with certainty that they know what will happen in future markets is lying to you (or has inside information!). This is one of my core beliefs. Especially in financial markets, uncertainty is the rule and all that we have to rely on are probabilities. Past is prologue, and history has a tendency to rhyme, and the best we can do to increase the probability of future success is to find robust investment frameworks in past data and apply them to current markets.

So if you are tired of the confusion and misinformation peddled by the financial press, tired of salesmen masquerading as advisors who don't add value, if you are skeptical of traditional asset allocation models and you are wary of the high risks associated with passive equity investing, then I welcome you to join me here at the Intelligent Allocator. Here I will look at alternative investments and alternative strategies. Here I will work to piece together portfolios that enable you to take back control of your investments and act in your own best interests. Portfolios that encompass an accurate reflection of your risk tolerance, and attempt to significantly outperform portfolios hinged on modern portfolio theory and that are at the center of most advice offered by the financial services industry.

So, where to start? If you are interested in learning a bit about how I think, head on over to my BLOG page, or SUBSCRIBE for regular updates to the blog.

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